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Paige's Story

"I didn't have anywhere to go, no one to lean on..."

Mom with child

Looking back over all my trials and difficult circumstances, I can see how miraculously God’s Hand has always been pulling me close to Him. In Naples three years ago, a Christian Shelter for single, homeless mothers directed me to AOMH where I finally experienced the stability I needed to learn:

  • How to parent my two children with special needs
  • How to walk close to the Lord
  • How to love and be loved in a way that was honoring to Christ

At AOMH I learned that making mistakes was not a reason to be rejected. While they accepted me for who I was, the Case Managers at AOMH became my closest friends because they guided and taught me rather than judged me, and I matured into a responsible, productive woman. Through my experiences, I developed a PASSION for children with special needs. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as a paraprofessional in the school system and have learned so much! I have achieved success in establishing myself in the community and providing a loving home for my children. My next goal is to earn an AA in Biblical Studies that can be used in pursuing a bachelor’s degree. I do not know what plans my Lord has for me, but I know drawing closer to Him is my most important goal.

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