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Thursday November 7, 2024

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Housing & Support

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home is more than a place to stay, it’s a place to start.

New beginnings need a place and time - time to take a breath, engage in self-reflection, set goals and learn life skills. Our programs provide housing, counseling and spiritual guidance, as well as education and employment assistance.

G.R.O.W. Housing

When we place young mothers and their children with senior women, they become family. Young mothers gain wisdom and benefit from the senior’s life experiences. Seniors realize they are much needed, valued and loved. We want to help our residents G.R.O.W. in a program designed to give them the ability to achieve small, short-term goals, along with long-term goals. With guidance and a simple checklist, participants learn and complete these four steps:

  • Gain knowledge of what needs to change in your life
  • Rise to the challenge of what it takes to make those changes
  • Open the door to the new changes in your life
  • Win success by becoming self-sustaining

Confidential counseling is managed by a licensed mental health counselor and on-site case managers. Counseling includes assessments and weekly individual and group sessions.

Spiritual Guidance

Each individual’s journey of faith is supported through Bible studies, access to mentors and the opportunity to be involved in a local church of their choice.

Education Assistance

Students continue their education through GED, First Coast Technical College or St. Johns River State College.

Life Skill training through budgeting, cooking, parenting, household management, etc… gives them the skills and confidence to manage everyday life.


Through our partnership with local businesses and career specialists, we can connect residents to opportunities to learn practical job and communication skills. Services also include resume writing and career-path goal setting.

Each step is an accomplishment. Participants stay organized on their way to using new tools and taking the next step toward self-sufficiency. We celebrate program completion with a graduation event to acknowledge new-found insights, life skills and confidence.

How we grow…


“Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future."


Young Moms

A Brighter Future for You and Your Family

The roads we take in life aren’t always straight and easy. In fact, some are very rough and long. If you find yourself on a difficult road, Alpha-Omega Miracle Home in St. Augustine, FL, is here to help.

Since 1992, our program has helped single moms who are pregnant, in poverty, homeless, in abusive relationships, or trying to find a safe and supportive shelter to raise their children. 

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Alpha-Omega Offers Shelter, Support, and Hope

Our caring and compassionate team wants to help you G.R.O.W.  That could mean finishing your high school education, getting your GED, going to college, or learning a trade. Most importantly, growing and thriving starts with putting yourself and your family in a safe and healthy place.

If you're a single mother, the Alpha-Omega program will help you survive and thrive by providing transitional housing, ongoing assistance, affordable living, and caring support for you and your family. While you're in the program, the assistance we offer includes: 

Housing Spiritual Guidance
Clothing Case Management
Safety Emotional Support
Life Skills Parenting Skills
Childcare Legal Services
Education Job Assistance
Counseling Food 
Rides to Work Baby Supplies


Put your family first by getting on a better path. You and your children deserve a full and happy life. Want to learn more about Alpha-Omega Miracle Home and our housing program for single mothers?

Visit our About Us page, fill out our online contact form, or call us today. Hope awaits! 


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Our supportive housing program is for displaced and homeless women, 60 years of age and older, who can live independently. Housing may be made available on a permanent basis. We want to honor the gifts and contributions of senior residents in a family environment. These ladies often find a new calling when paired with young, single mothers and children. Senior residents have access to professional services from on-site case managers and counselors. Transportation can be provided for medical appointments, grocery shopping, attending church or community activities. Seniors also receive support and encouragement through our community partners.

Professional Services are also available to help residents progress and G.R.O.W.


Diaper Bank

Many parents have to choose between buying food or diapers. When available, Alpha-Omega’s Community Diaper Bank provides free diapers, formula and baby food for families experiencing serious economic need. 7,280 diapers and wipes were given out last year alone.

Thrift Store Vouchers

Not only do proceeds from the thrift store fund Alpha-Omega’s housing programs, but homeless and low-income families are referred to our agency for free vouchers to receive clothing, shoes, and household goods.

Adoption Assistance

While not an adoption agency, we walk with pregnant women through the option of adoption, educating them on their rights and connecting them with an attorney and agency that fits their needs. If they choose the gift of adoption, we assist them in navigating the adoption and family selection process, ensuring that babies are placed with stable and loving families; birth mothers receive the counseling and support they need.

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Ask for Help

We understand that the needs and circumstances of applicants vary greatly from one person to the next. We respect the dignity of each person who contacts our organization. If you are a single mother or senior woman in need, reach out and ask for help.

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