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Thursday November 7, 2024

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God's Plan

Resident Story - Deborah

Deborah’s Story

“I didn’t have a plan for me, but God did.”

In 1997, under the cover of night, I left an abusive relationship and fled from Mississippi to Florida. I wanted my children to have a better life.  God miraculously provided everything I needed. Working as a nurse, I supported my family and now I have 3 grown children who are all doing well.  

In 2018, after Hurricane Matthew, I was injured falling on some debris. I was unable to work during my recovery.  This, in addition to an increase in rent, forced me to leave my apartment.   I was able to stay with family for a season until I was blessed with the opportunity to provide in-home care for a patient.  I received free housing in exchange for the care.  Sadly, my patient contracted Covid pneumonia and passed away leaving me without a long term living arrangement.

A year prior, I had met a friend through church who is a part of the Senior Program at Alpha-Omega Miracle Home.  I reached out and by God’s provision, there was a spot for me. Now, I have everything I need and love giving back.

For so many years I focused on making sure my kids had a plan, but didn’t spend time making one for myself.  I didn’t have a plan for me, but God did.  I’m very thankful to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing community at Alpha-Omega.