Chris Shee awarded for his philanthropy

MasterCraft Builder Group’s founder and CEO, Chris Shee, has been awarded the ‘Danny Tanton Commun…

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Alpha-Omega Miracle Home to Break Ground on New Campus Thanks to $3.5 Million Freedom First Allocation


St. Augustine, Fla., Jun.15, 2022— Alpha-Omega Miracle Home’s (AOMH) mission of housing single mo…

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Concerts for a Cause raises $72k for Alpha-Omega Miracle Home

The funds will help give residents a new opportunity to learn life skills and become self-sufficient…

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Clays for a cause

Clays for a Cause raises $207,000 for North Florida charities

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SJC leaders experience homelessness in Sleep Out Challenge

“The Alpha and the Omega -- the beginning to the end, so paring the single moms with the senior wome…

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'Putting love into action': SJC leaders experience homelessness in overnight challenge

'They go to sleep as challengers, but they wake up as champions to really spread the word and to kno…

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Memory Maker

Why not give the gift that lasts a lifetime through a personal bonding experience to enrich and re…
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Broken to Business Owner

Did you know that through your support of AOMH you directly gave this young woman and her two young …

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Multi-generational Impact

21 years of decreasing homelessness in SJC through your support we continue to see the multi-generat…
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20th Annual Fundraising Banquet

Beginnings, when I think of the word beginning, I think of God’s Word “In the beginning God created …

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