Blue Jean Bash and Benefit

Thursday November 7, 2024

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Memory Maker

Resident Experiences

Why not give the gift that lasts a lifetime through a personal bonding experience to enrich and reward one of our precious residents one outing at a time?  Please pause and think about how special it feels to share time with a friend at the coffee shop or celebrate a special occasion at a local restaurant or perhaps go to the Alligator Farm, the Lighthouse or the Zoo with your child. Sadly, our residents have often experienced unbelievable trauma and extreme tragedy. We provide licensed mental health counseling to address their trauma. Since we are a grassroots organization our funding is very limited while teaching and practicing stewardship. Therefore, by selecting this program donation avenue please be encouraged and know you are a true change-maker to enhance the daily life of a vulnerable woman, her children and a senior who is working hard to improve her life and end the cycle of poverty and abuse for generations to come.  
Alpha-Omega Miracle Home has implemented The Memory Maker Resident Experience program to bless our single mothers, their children and senior women with special outings that create priceless memories for a lifetime!